At Brands & Co. we have a strong portfolio of different eco-friendly, high-end and free-from food products.

All brands are carefully selected and they all offer something unique to the consumers. High quality, ecology and overall healthy ingredients is our primary focus. Our goal is to build an even stronger portfolio of good-for-you food products, which we will distribute in the European and Asian markets.

Nine high-end food producers are currently part of our brand portfolio with more to come.


Can something so healthy really taste so good?

By using the most luxurious ecofriendly ingredients within their respective cate-gories, COCOHAGEN has managed to create natural and delicious products that makes it no longer necessary to choose between healthy or sweet.

COCOHAGEN  has created soft, deli-cious treats with a great consistency and a taste that feels more sinful than healthy. A delicious alternative to less healthy temptations. COCOHAGEN offers a range of cubes, bars and nut mixes.  Cocohagen is 100% organic, vegan and without additives, preservatives or added sugar.


The idea behind Rawbite was to create a simple, honest and healthy product easy to bring along and enjoy anywhere.

Rawbite is an organic bar made of premium dates, fruits and nuts. It is gluten free and contains only natural sugar from the fruits. Rawbite is created with the utmost respect for these natural ingredients which are processed as gently as possible.

The drive for simplicity, joy and enthusiasm both for product and for packaging has made Rawbite a huge success way beyond its home market Denmark and Rawbite is now the leading bar in many markets across Europe.

Rawbite comes in 8 tasteful flavors in a 50g bar. 


Let’s turn things upside down

AYOOLA Cold Brew Energy is an everyday energy drink, based on 100% natural and organic ingredients – pure and simple. 

Striving to supply people with the energy needed to make it through the day, AYOOLA has created a refreshing alternative to a regular cup of coffee. While keeping the good, pure energy naturally found in coffee, AYOOLA has added their own twist to this well-known source of energy, which is 100% certified organic, vegan and eco-friendly. 

After the coffee grounds have steeped in the cold, pure water for 14 hours the brew has a smooth, mellow almost sweet flavor. This process highlights the aroma, while also maintaining 92% of the natural caffeine.

Inland ice

Premium water from Greenland

Inland Ice is premium water from melted Greenland ice. It is quite simply the worlds purest water.

The ice has been capsulated for more than one hundred thousand years – completely isolated from any contact with layers of soil and formed long before any human set foot on the Arctic Circle. This preservation ensures a pristine product of nature – free from all contamination.

Inland Ice is bottled in high end beautiful bottles underlining the uniqueness of this superior quality product.


Pure energy

PURYA! is a premium range of protein-based products for athletes, active people and healthy organic cuisine. The range includes vegan and dairy free protein powders, bars, shakes and super foods.

Manufactured and certified in Germany and Austria, PURYA! Stands for organic and vegan quality and the highest standards. Every single ingredient is obtained directly from the farmers and all the raw materials are processed with as much care and consideration as possible. Quality and transparency is key and this philosophy flows into to the manufacturing of each PURYA! product.


Raw organic snack goodness!

Raw, Organic, Vegan – for us, these are not only terms of a trend, but the ABC of a modern, conscious and high-energetic diet. Our homemade recipes are full of good stuff and makes it easy to snack the good way- anywhere and anytime.

Each of the energy-filled Superball has its own “superfood” powers, which is making it the perfect strength companion for the day.  Finally an honest, healthy and 100 % natural answer for your sweet tooth or your  little appetite. Of course, without industrial sugar, flavors, E’s or other fiddle-faddle!

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